Saturday, December 23, 2006

My story Part 3

So I became a Christian in 1984. I gave up the booze, the weed and my girlfriend who also became a Christian went home to live at her Mum and Dads until we got married later that year. I found that I had the power within me to overcome the things in my life that I did not like. It was slow change, but habits of a lifetime take time to overcome even with the power of God.

I went back to teaching and started telling all and sundry how God had changed my life. It caused a bit of a stir; the drunken larriken now trying to be a saint. I carried on my sport but slowly my heart went more and more into the Christian world. I joined some others who were out preaching the message on the street, in prisons, schools and wherever the opportunity came. I told the story of how God had changed my life.

I started reading the bible like a sponge, pouring over it, memorising it. I found in its pages the truth I was looking for. After a year my wife and I were working fulltime for our church out in the community, setting up children's clubs, preaching and singing with our band wherever the opportunity came.

Eventually we realised we needed to train to be ministers and were to bible college and studied for four years both getting degrees. Then it was off to work in another church for a year, then off to the Presbyterian training institution to get ordained. At that time I started a Doctorate; a bit of a joke for a university drop out.

We came out of college and settled in Auckland and went to work as ministers, preaching, singing, doing children's work and anything we could do to encourage others to grow in their faith and to help others become Christians.

Now I am a Bible College lecturer having completed my doctorate and I spend my life teaching others what the bible is all about.

I have to tell you that God is good. He has never let us down. Even when we students and out family was struggling for money, he always came through. All the bad times in my life have been good times looking back. He works in and through our struggles. He is for real. He answers prayers. He leads when we get lost. He gives us freedom to make choices, he is there for us when we muck up. He is grace!

Give him a try!

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