Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Story Part 2

So I ended up a school teacher. The God-stuff began when I arrived at work horribly hung over. Teaching was going to be impossible so I suggested the kids all do a project. Now, one girl chose to do Buddhism. This intrigued me and I asked her why. She said she was a Christian and that she wanted to know what other people believed. When she said she was a Christian something went off inside. I realised she was a great kid. I asked who else was a Christian in my class and all my best kids put their hands up. Now I know that not all Christian kids are like this, but these ones were.

This set the ball rolling. I started to see beautiful views. I started to remember back to what I had learnt in my early teens. I felt God drawing me, honouring my prayer I had made as a teenager. I asked my de facto girl friend to buy me a bible for Christmas; she did, but it freaked her out.

We went away that Christmas for the usual time of decadence and self-destruction with the booze and the drugs. For me this trip was different. I knew it was my last fling. I have never drunk as much or smoked as much weed; but it had no effect. God was calling me.

On New Years Day I announced to all my mates that I was giving away the life of debauchery to follow Christ. They were devastated and tried desperately to talk me out of it. I was immovable and when we got home I went church hunting. I visited one or two and then found a Presbyterian church. I knew the moment I walked in the door that God was in the house. I took my girlfriend reluctantly the next week and she too was hooked. It was modern, relevant and the people really believed.

Within a few weeks I gave my life to Christ, giving up running away from his voice. My girl friend followed suit. Pretty soon we felt uncomfortable about cohabitating in sin and so she went home to mum and dad and I stayed in our flat alone.

It was a great decision. Overnight the world looked different. I gave up the booze and the weed. I started taking teaching seriously. I went to church and read my bible, soaking it up like a sponge. I loved being alive. I realised that I was born for a reason and the reason was Jesus. He saved me from disaster. And then the journey really just began.

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